5 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair in Burbank, CA

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If you don’t act soon, garage door repair can turn into garage door replacement. That’s why we recommend calling the best garage door repair Burbank has to offer as soon as you notice any of the following signs.

5 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

1. Garage Door Won’t Close Every Time

If your garage door hesitates or jumps between opening and closing before finally closing, you should call your local garage door repair in Burbank. Eventually, it will stop opening or closing entirely. Meaning, you will either get stuck in the garage or with a wide-open door.

2. Sounds Louder Than Normal

If your garage door opener starts making a grinding or high pitch noise, that’s a major sign you need repair. Something is causing extra strain on your motor. It could be that the motor is worn out, or that something has shifted and is impeding the opener.

3. It’s Off the Tracks

This is an obvious sign, but one you should act carefully on. Garage doors are very heavy and pose a risk to you if they are off the tracks. The safest choice is to call garage door repair. Burbank, CA residents can turn to D-One Garage Doors & Gates Repair Service Burbank CA

4. The Garage Door Motor is Old

Sometimes its best to get ahead of the problem. If your garage door motor is more than 10 years old, you should consider repair or perhaps even replacement. Like any mechanism, they wear down over time and will become unreliable. A garage door repair in Burbank, Ca can recommend your best course of action.

5. Uses a Lot of Energy

Older garage door openers can be energy hogs. New models are far more energy efficient. Not to mention a lot quieter. Though you’ll likely need more than garage door repair, Burbank, CA residents can turn to D-One Garage Doors & Gates Repair Service Burbank CA to learn all their options.

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