Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Repair

garage door repair

For many homeowners, the garage is not just a car parking spot but also storage. Therefore, qualified garage door repair, installation, and regular maintenance are crucial to keeping the family and property safe.  

The most common garage door types are:

  • Roll-up garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors 
  • Side-hinged garage doors
  • Tilt-up and over canopy garage doors
  • Slide to the side garage doors


Each type of door work on a particular machine, and when it comes to garage door repair, we often deal with a malfunction of key garage door elements.

garage door repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

An essential element of most garage doors is a spring that opens and closes the door based on gravity. The location of the spring system depends on the garage door type and its configuration. The garage door spring repair or service is usually required after five-ten years from the installation time as parts wear out. The garage door springs are heavy and wound-tight. When the spring breaks, it can be dangerous even for life. If the door springs break, the garage door can shut unexpectedly and hit the walk-in person. Therefore, the garage door spring repair should only be done by a professional with many years of experience who knows how to work with different springs and avoid wrist, fingers, and head injuries. 

Garage Door Cable Repair

An essential purpose of a garage door cable is to prevent the spring from flying around when the latter breaks. Therefore, a timely damaged garage door cable repair is vital to avoid an accident when the garage door spin breaks and the shutting door can hit a person or a car. Whether your garage door is not working correctly or not working at all, closing too fast, making a weird noise when operating, or is unbalanced, garage door cable repair needs to be done. Check and get your garage door cable repaired as soon as you suspect any issues to avoid dangerous situations.

Garage Door Opener Repair

You can suspect that your garage door opener repair is better not to postpone if you have these breakage signs:

  • The garage door won’t start opening/closing, receiving signals from the wall switch touch, remote control, or keypad.
  • The garage door won’t open or close completely.
  • The motor keeps ruing when the door is fully opened.

The garage door problems described above are common but not the only possible ones that need attention. Are you facing the issues mentioned above and looking for a trusted provider of garage door repair in Burnaby or other Vancouver cities?

Our expert will be happy to handle your garage door opener repair and render related door services.

Our company offers garage door repair services in different Vancouver cities and districts. For instance, if you need garage door repair services, our company’s local experts, fully equipped with tools and parts, will help you as soon as we receive the order. All our garage door repair technicians are licensed and well-trained. Contact us today to explain your case and get qualified help with a garage door repair.





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